Google, Apple Most Sought After Employers Globally: Linkedin

A report by professional networking site LinkedIn has revealed that Google is the world’s most sought after employer in the world, followed by Apple and Unilever in the second and third places, respectively.

The ‘World’s 100 Most In Demand Employers: 2014′ was based on billions of interactions from LinkedIn arrived at the conclusion after interacting over 300 million members.

No Indian company, however, made it to the coveted list. Though, a significant number of them do have their presence in the country.

A huge chunk of American companies dominated the list with as many as 63 ‘in-demand’ companies headquartered in the US. Moreover, eight of the top 10 most sought after employers in the world are US-based.

Besides Google, Apple and Unilever, other companies in the top 10 list include Microsoft (fourth), Facebook (fifth), Amazon (sixth), Procter & Gamble (seventh), GE (eighth), Nestle (ninth) and PepsiCo (10th).

Further analysis showed that the top three sectors that dominated the list include technology, telecom and media; followed by retail and consumer products and oil and energy.

As per the LinkedIn survey, around 15% of in-demand companies have fewer than 5,000 employees. The employee count for each company was based on the number of member profiles on LinkedIn associated with the company.

As per the report, the top three smallest companies by number of employees are Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with 1,622 employees, Airbnb (1,836) and Netflix (1,906).

LinkedIn analyzed over 10 billion data points between members and companies and compared the data with surveys of thousands of members to determine a company’s familiarity and engagement score. The analysis also weighted member actions like viewing employee profiles, visiting Company Pages and following companies,” LinkedIn said.

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