Google Acquires Nest’s Line Of Home Automation Products

Nest Home Automation
Google just scooped up Nest, the home automation company, for a cool $3.2 billion. The company has been quick to assure users that Nest will continue to operate under its own brand.

Nest was founded by Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, both ex-members of the original iPod team. Heck, the Nest Thermostat is sold at Apple stores, and is referred to in the blogosphere as something of an honorary Apple product.

Nest will continue to offer apps for both iOS and Android. That means Apple fans will still be able to tinker around with their thermostats and Nest Protect smoke detectors even after the acquisition goes through.

There’s also a possibility that Google’s other products will eventually integrate more tightly with the Nest lineup, but so far, Google is staying mum. Nest’s founders promised the company would keep its “distinct brand identity” and that it takes privacy seriously, with a policy that limits the sharing of customer info to improving its services.

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