Goggle Comes Up With Cheapest Chromebooks

In a latest development, Goggle is unveiling its cheapest Chromebook laptops yet. The two versions priced at $149 aims at undercutting Microsoft’s Windows franchise and gaining an even stronger hold in school and overseas markets.

The search giant began working with various PC manufacturers to design the lightweight laptops in 2011.
According to sources, Hisense and Haier make the latest versions. Hisense’s Chromebook can now be ordered at Walmart.com and Haier’s version can be bought at Amazon.com.

Their arrival coincides with Microsoft’s launch of a lower-priced Surface tablet in a bid to expand its market share.

Unlike most computers, Chromebooks don’t have a hard drive. Instead, they function as terminals dependent on an Internet connection to get most work done. Despite those limitations, Chromebooks have been steadily gaining in popularity, particularly in schools.

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