Gmail To Get A Makeover?

Google may be working to revamp a new user interface for its popular online webmail service, Gmail.

If sources are to be believed, Google is testing new features for Gmail’s web interface.
The interface featured comes with more white space and removal of the new tabs feature. There’s a new hamburger menu at the left side that hides the different mail folders, and even the mail categorization groups which are currently present as tabs. Moreover, the Hangouts chat menu is placed at the top right with a drop down list of chat contact and a big Search box sits in the middle.

The interface features email and reminder creation buttons that are round shaped on the right hand side towards the bottom. According to the website, the tools will let users store multiple unfinished messages or reminders.

The new features also include a new pin system that reportedly replaces stars for flagging important mails. It lets users pin important mails by dragging them around.

It’s not clear when Google will eventually release the new interface and it’s not confirmed if it would even use the interface.

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