Get Drinking Water From Thin Air

Drinking water
An Israeli company is claimed to have produced drinking water from thin air. Water-Gen has developed an Atmospheric Water-Generation Units using its “GENius” heat exchanger to chill air and condense water vapor.

The clean air enters the GENius heat exchanger system where it is dehumidified, the water is then removed from the air and collected in a collection tank inside the unit. From there, the water is passed through an extensive water filtration system which cleans it from possible chemical and microbiological contamination. The clean purified water is stored in an internal water tank which is kept continuously preserved to keep it at high quality over time.

Other companies already sell atmospheric water generators for commercial and domestic use but Water-Gen says it has made its water generator more energy efficient than others by using the cooled air created by the unit to chill incoming air.
The system produces 250-800 liters (65-210 gallons) of potable water a day depending on temperature and humidity conditions and Kohavi says it uses two cents’ worth of electricity to produce a liter of water.

Developed primarily for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Water-Gen says it has already sold units to militaries in seven countries, but Kohavi is keen to stress that the general population can also benefit from the technology. The company claims, it can produce a liter of water for 1.5 Rupees, as opposed to 15 Rupees for a liter of bottled water.

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