Foiwe – The Journey So Far


Foiwe Info Global Solutions Llp is a management consulting, technology services, Content Moderation and outsourcing company headquartered in Bangalore, India.

The company has started working towards employment of rural youths by setting up its second office in West Bengal. Foiwe also developed many Android apps and games. These are available in various markets like GooglePlay, Amazon, Facebook Apps etc. The company is registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India.


Foiwe originated as the business and a product company developing, a job search website for the Indian and Global market. With the expansion of Social Media Websites and match making websites, Foiwe ventured into the content moderation and IT Services segment.

Later the company expanded its verticals in Server monitoring services, Application Development, Android Game Development, Testing & QA Services and added many small and large organizations under its client list. The SME market segment being the major contributor towards the total revenue. The company in 2013, brought two educational and research organizations, Mainfold and Proflakes, under its umbrella. The group today employs around 100 employees across different locations.


Foiwe has multiple offices in India. The headquarter being in Bangalore, Foiwe has its other two offices in Kolkata and Ahmedabad. Foiwe organizes its services and people in these three primary cross-functional groupings. Foiwe’s client engagement teams typically consist of a combination of industry experts, capability specialists and professionals with local market knowledge.


The workforces serve clients in the areas of consulting, technology, outsourcing, Education as well as the company itself. This is almost always an internal designation as it is common place for Foiwe employees to work in blended teams for a variety of reasons.

Consulting: Focuses on management consulting, process design work and the application of technologies to business.

Services: Most focus on outsourcing engagements in the areas of business operations, IT, application development and maintenance, help desk services, content moderation, testing services, Quality Assurance and HR.

Solutions: Focuses on the specific technology solutions needed to help Foiwe’s clients in automating their supply chain and operations. Foiwe also developed custom applications and solutions as per needs.

Process: Focus on process alignment, laying new process, business modeling and content mapping for Foiwe and its customers.

Products: Focus on designing, development, testing, marketing and customer support for products under Foiwe.

Operating Groups

As most consulting firms, Foiwe operates in a matrix structure. The first axis is dedicated to the operating groups, or industries of its clients. Broadly, the six Operating Groups are:

Social Media and Dating Services

Managed Help Desk


Application Maintenance

Testing & Quality Assurance

Android Games & Apps.

Growth Platforms

The second axis is the growth platforms, which broadly refers to the functional or technical domains in which Foiwe creates and delivers solutions to clients.

Management Consulting is responsible for planning and consulting both Foiwe and its clients with solutions various operating challenges.

Technology is responsible for managing the development of solutions and products for Foiwe and its clients.

Business Process Outsourcing focuses on managing specific business processes or functions for clients such as photo moderation, text moderation, customer support, chat support, help desk etc. to the needs of specific industries.

Awards and Honors

In 2010, Foiwe was nominated for the “Leaders Of Tomorrow” by Indiamart along with Economic Times and Nelson.

In 2011-12, the firm was named in Year book.


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