Flappy Bird Is Back With A New Name

The addicted game is back. Dong Nguyen, the developer of the popular mobile game Flappy Bird has brought the game back, but with a couple of catches.

It’s a multiplayer game, and it’s only available for the Amazon Fire TV. The makers are yet to say anything when a regular Android or iOS version will be released.

The new game is called Flappy Bird Family with added features: Person vs Person mode, more obstacles, more fun and still very hard.

The world was shocked when Nguyen pulled Flappy Bird from app stores last winter. The free game had gone viral, downloaded 50 million times, and was reportedly making him thousands of dollars a day in advertising. It was easy to play but hard to play well.

But the game was pulled off after people began committing violence over the game and started circulating on the internet. Things got so tough that people started tweeting death and suicide threats. Most of them, however turned out to be jokes.
Across all the apps stores, and even the web, clones sprouted like mushrooms and in May, Nguyen promised a new multiplayer version of the game.

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