Five Tips To Stay Cheerful

Feeling lonely or unhappy or struck with bad mood? Wise people say that happy mood is an essential ingredient of success. Here are a few tips to cheer yourself…

1. Watch something humorous
Laughter can lift up dull spirits and can make you happy. If you feel that nothing can cheer you up, try some laughter therapy. Watch your favourite comedy film or tv show. No matter how many times you’ve seen it, if it makes you smile every time, keep it as your go-to remedy. A good laughter not only lifts your spirits but also makes you happy and healthy.
2. Go outdoors
While urban cities might not have as many open spaces as we would like, make do with whatever is available to you. Step outdoors and see what a difference it makes. If your house is close to a garden, sit there for while. It helps you to get enough vitamin d. A lack of this can cause depression, so make sure you spend about 15 minutes in the sun daily.

3. Feel good chemicals
When you work your body into a sweat, it releases chemicals in the brain. These are ‘feel good’ chemicals also known as endorphins and will make you feel better.

4. Take a massage
nothing will relax and cheer you up better than a nice hour long massage. Whether you go for a full body massage or just a head or foot massage, make sure you select a place that is hygienic and won’t hurry you up.

5. Use aromatherapy oils at home
the use of oils will not only relax you but also cheer you up. Go in for aromatherapy oils like jasmine or geranium in a fragrance diffuser or spray some drops around the house.

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