Fitness Tips for Healthy Living in Winter

It is time to take charge of your health with dipping temperatures and rising problems. Since the days get short in winters, health regimes take a backseat and the immunity levels simply go for a toss. Here are a few tips to stay healthy during winter.
1.Eat a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Hearty homemade vegetable soups are great for cold days. These not only provide vitamins that aid the immune system, but these foods are also rich in anti-oxidants, substances known to counteract the effect on the body of free radicals.

2.Don’t gain extra kilos due to overeating and wrong food habits. Comfort foods in moderation are fine, but in winter it is tempting to over indulge. Especially, easy snacking and tempting hot fried food.
3.Don’t turn into a couch potato just because the temperature drops a few degrees. With adequate clothing get out there, alternatively take up an indoor sport or active hobby such as dancing.
4.Stress can deplete your immune system leaving you open to infections. If you are having difficulty sleeping, identify the problematic part and overcome it.
5.Prevention is better than cure so ask your general physician about the preventive care and if required, use them. Influenza is weakening viral illness for the healthiest of us.
6.If you catch a common cold, use home remedies or medicine that can help you reduce the duration of symptoms and prevent running noses and fevers.
7.Discard used tissues directly into a bin to prevent spreading the virus to other family members, as it spreads in droplets.
8.Consume foods that strengthen the immunity system and help you fight cold. Nuts can be a good option too.

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