Fitbit Has A Competitor In The Form of Ionic

Over the past couple of years, Fitbit has witnesses its signature fitness wearables slowly being eclipsed by the Apple Watch and other smartwatches like Samsung’s Gear line and Google’s Android Wear. It released the Blaze watch last year, which was a step up for Fitbit in terms of sophistication, but still left customers wondering when it would release a true smartwatch, complete with its own platform and apps.
Fitbit will launch its long-teased first real smartwatch, the Ionic, in October. The smartwatch will arrive alongside a pair of wireless headphones called the Fitbit Flyer and a new version of the company’s smart scale, the Aria 2.
Like virtually all of Fitbit’s wearables, the Ionic is designed around activity tracking, but it also includes smartwatch features like NFC payments and a built-in music player, which could make it more attractive to people who aren’t satisfied with the company’s more basic offerings. The Ionic is also the first device to launch with the company’s new Fitbit OS and app ecosystem, called App Gallery.
The star is of the group is the Ionic. The smartwatch’s design matches the pictures that leaked out long before release. I wasn’t a fan of those images when I saw them, but that was before I saw the Ionic IRL.
The smartwatch looks miles better in person, largely because of the simple slim profile and a screen that’s bright and clear whether you’re indoors, outside, and even in the pool. There were no issues with glare even in the bright sun.
The Ionic comes in burnt orange, silver and graphite gray finishes, and you can choose from a few different colors and style of bands.
Launch apps will include Pandora, Starbucks, and Strava, with more in the pipeline. The SDK is based on Javascript and SVG and will be completely open, so anyone will be able to create their own app to either share with friends or submit to the App Gallery.
It is to be mentioned that the smartwatch comes chock-full of features that the company believes will give its wearers an even more powerful way to track their well-being.
Ionic is packed full of sensors and tech to give its wearers those tools and more. The watch offers GPS for phone-free run tracking that Fitbit claims is best-in-class, along with accelerometers, a gyroscope, an altimeter, and an ambient light sensor.
The watch is water resistant up to 50 meters, and swimming is one of the activities that can use automatic tracking. I tested out the Ionic in a pool at the preview event and the watch is surprisingly manageable, even when it’s wet.

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