Is Wizeditor a paid site?
No, Wizeditor is complete free site for users to gather information. However, copying and redistributing is completely prohibited.

Does Wizeditor use cookies while accessing site?
Yes we use cookies of your computer only to provide a more customized and better user experience. We do not plant any malicious software of collect any information that is not related to Wizeditor.

Why am I unable to access the website?
There can be various reasons for not to be able to access the website. The primary trouble shoot will include, checking for your internet connection, any spyware that may block the website or just a simple reboot of your computer may help. If you still experience difficulties, you can submit a support query and we will do our best to assist you.

Does Wizeditor moderates every comment posted on the articles?
Yes, Wizeditor tied up with Foiwe for content moderation and we ensure that all comments are moderated before they are made visible to the users. This content moderation ensures that the website can avoid spammers.

How does Wizeditor gather information?
We have various consultants and reporters who gather information first hand. We also gather secondary information from various feeds and contributors.

Can anyone become a blog writer for Wizeditor?
We encourage everyone to send us their contentment. Once our panel of editors review the content and finds it suitable, we will do our best for publishing them.

How do we advertise in Wizeditor?
Email us at for all your advertising needs. Our Public Relations team will be happy to assist you.

Is Wizeditor a technical blog?
Wizeditor is an online magazine with an objective to provide the latest advancements in technology, social media, current affairs, business, food, hobbies, movies and many more similar categories. If it’s hot, it’s in Wizeditor!

Do you sell any user data to any other websites or companies?
Wizeditor does not share any user data with other companies. However, we may share basic information with our partners and affiliates for analytic and better user experience. All user data is safe with Wizeditor.

How to I clear my browser history?
To clear browser history in Internet Explorer, please open Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > General. Now click on Delete button against the browsing History section to clean the browser history.
The steps may vary from browser to browser like Google chrome, Opera, Mozilla etc.

I don’t find my answers on what I am looking for in Wizeditor?
Please explain your issues on our support page and someone from the help desk will assist you at the earliest.