Facebook, YouTube Tops the List of Most Popular Smartphone Apps Of 2015

Good news for social media users. As we are gearing up to bid goodbye to year 2015, Nielsen, the company that measures media audience’s viewership, has come out with the list of top 10 smartphone apps of this year.
It has revealed that popular social networking app Facebook remained of the top most choice of almost 126 million average unique smartphone users a month (from January to October), registering a growth of 8% as compared to last year. With an average of 96.44 million unique visitors a month during the period under review, the Facebook Messenger app for smartphone user remained at the third spot by registering a rise of 31% from October last year.
The next in line is YouTube smartphone app. This popular video portal from Google attracted an average of 97.627 million unique users each month during the same period..

The Google Search app is listed at the fourth position with an average of 95.04 million unique visitors each month. This smartphone app registered a 3% surge as against what it achieved in 2014. With an average of 89.708 million unique visitors a month, Google Play, which serves as the official app store for the Android operating system, was fifth on the list. It recorded an increase of 7% as compared to last year).

The Nielson report further revealed that Google Maps app, with an average of 87.782 million unique visitors per month, come sixth. It registered an 8% increase as compared to 2014. On the Nielsen’s list of top smartphone apps of 2015, Instagram, Apple Music, and Apple Maps were seen at eighth, ninth and 10th spots respectively.

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