Facebook To Capitalize On Your Broken Heart

Valentine’s Day is just a nine days away and Facebook is using its insider info to coach companies on the best ways to take advantage of your broken heart through targeted marketing campaigns.
The latest entry in the Moments That Matter series on the Facebook IQ page is all about the best ways to appeal to people mucking through those post-relationship doldrums. The post referenced behavior data from users who indicated they had recently broken up in France, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Arab Emirates and the UK, along with a survey of users across the five markets.
The social networking site research team found that people aren’t always filling in their relationship status with up-to-the-minute accuracy and there’s a distinct difference between being Facebook official and actually being together IRL. There was also an increase in Facebook visits immediately before and after the brokenhearted updated their status to Single, which we can only assume is a result of the subsequent intense stalking of the ex’s profile every hour on the hour — not that I know from experience or anything.
he social media platform’s research revealed that recovering lovers depend on social interactions to cope with the sadness. More than three quarters of respondents agreed that connecting with friends and family during the recovery period “was more important” than at other instances in their lifelike when they spent every single waking moment with that one special someone and let their other relationships wither. Facebook advises its marketers to take advantage of the moments after a breakup, sliding into their newly-single lives as part of the journey to recovery. Essentially, the goal is to fill the void in their broken hearts with a heaping helping of consumerism.

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