Facebook Shuts Lifestage

Facebook has shut Lifestage, a teen-focused networking app that could have been a year old in few days. The networking app was launched back in August 2016 and let teenagers post images or videos on it. Teens were able to post in categories such as like, dislike, how I dance and my best friends.

However, the social media giant pulled the app from the App Store last week. Facebook said to the news website that it learned a lot from Lifestage and will continue to incorporate these learnings into features in the main Facebook app.

Lifestage app was launched in order to take on Snapchat. However, over the past few months, Facebook integrated similar features into its Instagram. Some of them even made it to the main Facebook app. While this month Mark Zuckerberg and team shut Lifestage, the previous month it launched the Messenger Lite app in India. The app was launched back in October last year but not in India.

The Facebook Messenger Lite app takes up less than 10MB of space and includes all the basic features of the Facebook Messenger app. Users can send and receive texts, photos, links, emojis and stickers using the ‘Lite’ version. They can also perform voice calls using the app.

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