Facebook Messenger App User Crosses 800 Million

Facebook-Messenger-iPhone-6 (1)
Facebook’s Messenger app has surpassed 800 million users which has made it the fastest-growing app of 2015. It simply means Messenger, which Facebook created as a standalone app in 2014, has more active monthly users than rivals Snapchat and Viber. It, however, still lags the 900 million using WhatsApp, also owned by Facebook.

As we all know, WhatsApp was one of the first apps to let people send and receive free text messages on smartphones, bypassing network charges. Messenger users can also exchange messages, but the app also offers free video calling and some business services. Facebook plans to make money from ads on Messenger, but has not said when it will do so. The world’s biggest online social network, which has 1.55 billion users, makes money selling ads that appear on people’s timelines. Messenger has added features over the past few months, enabling users to sign up without a Facebook account, make payments, video calls and communicate directly with businesses. It worked with ride-hailing app maker Uber Technologies in December so users could request a ride through Messenger. The social networking site has also begun testing a digital assistant, called M, that operates through Messenger and can make restaurant reservations and airline bookings and other tasks. The service is available to only 10,000 people in the San Francisco Bay area, but Marcus said Facebook hopes to offer it to more users later this year.

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