Facebook Launches Oculus Touch

Facebook held a live video unveiling the Oculus Touch, an add-on to the Oculus Rift, the controller bundle for the VR headset.
The bundle comes with two gaming titles- VR Sports Challenge and The Unspoken. In addition, you get a second camera and a third sensor to room-scale your games. It will be released in December 6th in the US, just in time for the holiday season there.
Other games like the apocalyptic sci-fi shooter Arktika and Lone Echo will be released for Touch as well.
Moreover, Oculus’ Input API now works with three different devices, including the Touch. This means games developed for Oculus can be played on all Oculus devices.
It is to be mentioned that the social networking site also launched Oculus Avatars, a social network in virtual reality, where your friends will be seen as avatars and you can hang out with them just about anywhere, including Mars. You can chat with your friends in VR using Oculus Connect, allowing you to customize your avatar in billions of different character permutations to create the perfect identity of yourself in a virtual reality space.
Apart from this, Facebook also unveiled a standalone VR headset that doesn’t need an external tracking camera and also a new VR web browser Carmel which can run on any VR device.
With Facebook’s announcement, it’s clear the winds has changed direction in the VR industry. After making the headsets mainstream, the focus is now on creating and delivering a content platform to make full use of the technology that can literally transcend borders and bring us all closer.

The Oculus Touch will start pre-orders from October 10th and the price to room-scale an Oculus VR experience will cost $880 a little higher than what the HTC Vive costs to do the same, at $800

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