Facebook Launches Newswire For Scribes

With an aim to make Facebook more useful resource for journalists and news publications, the social networking site has launched FB Newswire that promises to offer scribes a repository of verified, real-time content for use.
Called FB Newswire, it is designed to help journalists share and embed newsworthy Facebook content that is made public by its members such as photos, status updates and videos.

FB Newswire has been launched in partnership with News Corp-owned Storyful, a news agency that aggregates news content shared on social networks.

Facebook’s newsfeed, where people post stories, status updates and photos, is an integral part of the company’s revenue growth and it injects paid marketing messages straight into the news stream.

The social networking site has reported a 72% increase in revenue to $2.5 billion during the first quarter because of a surge in advertising. Social media platforms have become a gold mine for journalists. Facebook, Twitter, Google’s YouTube and others are rich in source material, as many people around the world use them to communicate, including during periods of upheaval.

Acknowledging that many journalists use Twitter to uncover material, Facebook is also providing a Twitter feed, @FBNewswire.

FB Newswire will collect newsworthy content that Facebook users share publicly via their accounts, including media like photos and videos, as well as status updates from users on the ground where news is breaking. Subscribing to the newswire is easy. Just like the FB Newswire page and those stories will appear in your news feed. Facebook is also releasing a Twitter handle for the service, called @FBNewswire, along with the feed.

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