Facebook Is Working On A Snapchat Like Streaks Feature in Messenger

In a latest development, Facebook is now testing a version of a similar feature in Messenger. It’s not clear how long the social network has been experimenting with the feature, but a handful of users reported seeing it pop up in their app on Wednesday.
The feature that’s being tested, which prompts users to keep your streak going when you message friends, looks very similar to Snapchat’s version, right down to liberal use of emoji and a counter letting you know how long the streak has been going.
A spokesperson for Facebook Messenger confirmed the test saying it was a way to to see at a glance fun facts about the people you message with.
For example, a lightning bolt may appear next to the name of a person you’ve messaged with for at least three days in a row, and a counter will indicate how many consecutive days you’ve been chatting.
Though Facebook is positioning the feature as way to see fun facts about friends, it’s also yet another, rather blatant, ripoff of a Snapchat feature by the same name.
Streaks have long been an important part of Snapchat for many users, particularly teens who often go to great lengths to keep their streaks going for hundreds of days at a time. It’s also part of why Snapchat’s users spend so much time with the app.
Now, it looks like Messenger is looking to see if it can capitalize on some of that engagement by putting a similar feature in Messenger.

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