Facebook Is Tracking Ads By The Millisecond To Attract Advertisers

Facebook now wants every moment to count, at least in what it presents to advertisers.
The company has announced they will provide millisecond-level data for ads on Facebook, Instagram and its online ad ecosystem Audience Network.
Now, for the first time through Facebook, advertisers can see how long their ads were seen by the millisecond. That includes how many milliseconds overall the ad was on a screen and then broken out into how many milliseconds 100 percent of the ad was on the screen, as well as how many milliseconds 50 percent of it was on the screen.
It may seem small step but it’s an important change in Facebook’s ongoing effort to regain trust from advertisers after some damning missteps over the past year, especially as it works to maintain its traditional ad models while also building for television. The company also presented three new buying options for video ads, including sound-on buying.
A report had revealed that the social networking site had long oversold a key metric in how it quantified video views. At first, Facebook downplayed the news. Upon further scrutiny and more digging into its data, the company Facebook found that it had made several more math errors.
Facebook still charges based on full seconds, but this additional data could help marketers plan their creative.
It’s not just about what Facebook is presenting. Advertisers have been calling on Facebook to stop grading it’s own homework. That means offering additional data from third-party sources.

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