Facebook Faces Criticism For Removing A Video

Facebook is facing criticism from fans of birth photographer Monet Nicole Moutrie after her birth becomes her video that amassed over 100 million views over a period of seven months was removed from the social media platform.

With no notice, Facebook has removed the video. Reacting to the Facebook response, many users are sharing the video again. Making her dissatisfaction public, Moutrie said in blog post that the video was removed for violating community standards. As per its community standards, Facebook removes photographs of people displaying objectionable pictures. Moutrie said that there is nothing more antithetical to community than the restriction and censorship of birth, family and life. The birth photographer pointed out that seeing and sharing real images of birth are important.
Instead of banning birth videos, Facebook, Moutrie suggested, should focus on removing from its platform depictions of women that make young girls feel inferior, ugly, or lost. Moutrie requested Facebook to put the video back up, adding that she is scared but hopeful.

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