Facebook Conducts Snooze Test Against Annoying Friends

Facebook finally has a solution for you. It’s testing a snooze button that allows users to temporarily un follow individuals, pages, and groups for periods of 24 hours, a week, or 30 days.
The feature, currently being tested with only a small segment of users, would live in the top-right menu of posts. Users can select Unfollow or Snooze” where before you could only select Unfollow.
Unsurprisingly, the Internet has big plans for the feature. Facebook is, once again, offering you a way to get rid of annoying friends, kind of. The see fewer posts like this button fills a similar, but vaguer niche—it’s unclear to what extent “see fewer posts” removes someone from your feed. Snooze is a similar, but much more concrete approach to unfollowing. But crucially for Facebook, users can follow people again when the time is up.

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