Facebook Announces The Arrival Of Paper

Facebook has announced the arrival of a new standalone iPhone app called Paper. It takes the information held within it and turns it into a series of horizontally scrolling screens. It also features a rich WYSIWYG editor for posting, as well as a news reading app that looks, unsurprisingly, like Flipboard.

Sections in Paper, including your news feed and the new reader, are built around a main cover photo, with a small selection of cards at the bottom to browse through, one at a time. It sounds like Facebook is deliberately trying to slow down your consumption a little and that might be no bad thing.

In the news reader, swiping into a card takes you to the source site, which means it won’t work offline. Also, there’s no option to add specific sites to your account like you would using RSS feeds: instead, Facebook has a new team of content specialists who will pick out content that it thinks you’ll be interested in. That won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but it might prove useful for those who don’t already closely curate their incoming online news.

All-in, it sounds like Facebook may have created a beautiful standalone app that could actually usurp its main app for a whole heap of people. It is set to be launched on February 3.

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