F-Secure Offers Cloud Security Solutions For SMES

F-Secure Corporation, a Finish company is aiming for small and medium enterprises (SME) in India for its security software solutions as a service.

The company wants to offer its security solutions on software as service (SaaS) model to SMEs based on cloud platform. F-Secure Corporations is also in talks with mobile phone retail chains to bundle its security solutions with the handsets.

According to an estimate, the overall computer security market in India is around $150 million of which the share of SaaS would be around $20 million.

Generally, SMEs do not have a person for specifically to look after its computer systems and SaaS is ideal for them as they will be paying based on their usage sans hardware investments, feel the company.

The company is appointing distributors across the country who in turn would have sub-dealers to sell the services.

F-Secure is already offering its solutions as cloud based SaaS in India, Germany, France, US and the UK.

Meanwhile, the company is in talks with leading mobile phones retail chains to bundle its mobile security solutions with the handsets.

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