Experts Suggest Some Easy Exercises During Busy Schedules

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Try to use the staircase at least three times a day. Walk from your house or office to the bus stand. After every two hours, get up from the chair and take a deep breath and stretch backwards. Then breathe out and come and touch your toes.

Twisting will also help. Hip rotation clockwise and anticlockwise is good too.

There is also another way that to workout in office is to run on the spot for 30 seconds or a minute. Then do a little bit of stretching.
For the benefit of the back and neck, stretch from head to toe, beginning with the neck. Slowly tilt your head towards your shoulder. Hold for 10 seconds. Do alternate sides. Next loosen up your shoulders. Roll both shoulders forward in a circular motion then backward. Repeat 10 times.

Health experts further said, in order to work for abdominal muscles, hold the stomach for a few seconds when breathing in, then release when breathing out. If possible, get some fresh air in the lungs by taking a walk outside.
For hips, try kicking in air. Leg kick front is good for hips. Kick front in a controlled way, do 10 counts for each leg. Another one is side kick. Kick sideways in a controlled way, do 10 counts for each leg.

While taking the staircase is a must to keep the legs strong, Moreover, sit upright on the chair and straighten one leg out in front.

The hands should rest on the chair. Hold the position for three to five seconds. Repeat it between 12 and 20 times, then switch to the other leg.

About arms, stand up and place the hands (each about a shoulder width away from the body) on the desk, and twist them in so they point towards the body then lean forward.
Thanks to computers, office work also strains the eyes, so it is necessary to exercise to strengthen them too.
For the eyes, gaze at a distant object for 15 to 30 seconds, then relax eyes.

“Now stop reading and do the exercises to stay healthy”

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