Exercises To Stay Healthy While In Office

Must read for office goers who remain busy throughout the day and sit at one spot at a stretch every day at the cost of their health. It is very necessary for them to take out some time to exercise at your workplace every now and then

A survey has shown that 57 percent of professionals in office jobs are affected by visible symptoms of sedentary workplace behaviour. Health experts agree and suggest that by taking breaks to stretch or to run on the spot, people can work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Experts say, deskwork puts a huge mental and physical stress on our bodies, especially on our lower back, leading to low back pain.

The combination of high stress at jobs sitting for long periods at the desk in poor posture, and lack of physical activity, puts us at greater risk for low back pain.

Moreover, a sitting job would lead to lower back pain and spondylosis. A side effect of not working out would be slowing down of Basal Metabolic Rate (the rate at which we burn our calories), and weight gain.

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