Excessive Texting May Cause Smartphone Thumb

Doctors have warned that people who spend too much time texting may be at increased risk of having smartphone thumb, a painful condition caused by repetitive movements of typing that may lead to arthritis in the thumb.

Formally known as tendinitis, the condition was earlier only seen in factory workers. It causes the tendon that bends and flexes the thumb to become inflamed.
But with increased use of smartphone for our daily activities, this type of pain has become more common over the years in the US.
Kristin Zhao, a biomedical engineer at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester said, that one of the hypotheses is that the joints get loose and lax, and because of that the bones kind of move differently than they would in a normal situation..
The ways to prevent the problem include giving your thumbs a break, using your forefinger sometimes, and doing daily stretching exercises to keep your tendons limber, among others.

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