Eight Valuable Suggestions For Career Experts On New Year

New Year Resolutions
The New Year resolutions taken by a lot of enthusiasm soon get abandoned after a few days. 

Try to be different this time, by adding your resolutions to your work calendar now. Here are some suggestions from career experts about what goals to set for 2014.

1. Make a “greatest hits” list. Everyone should take time at the beginning of every year to take stock of what they accomplished the prior year and put those into writing in a resume-like fashion. It’s much easier to have all of this information ready to go when needed as opposed to having to create a resume from scratch and remember what have been accomplished for the past 10 years.

2. Establish one big goal. We frequently spend more time hammering out the daily demands of life such that we forget to focus on the big picture. Everyone should set at least one goal of something major that they want to accomplish for their career each year.

3. Seek out advice. It is very necessary to find a trusted mentor who can help to guide towards the goals with a dash of realism. The person can be someone at the company, or someone highly-regarded in the industry who knows the unwritten as well as the written rules.

4.Set progress benchmarks. To keep the big idea manageable, it is important to come up with a few smaller goals that will help to accomplish the big achievement. Taking a class, earning a certification or writing an article for an industry publication could all be stops on the way to the final destination that will help build momentum towards it.

5. Do a quarterly check-up. It is vital to take the time to do the reflection of where the resolutions have been accomplished. It can be done by internal audit in the scheduling calendar by setting up a look at the resolutions every three months.

6. Do a mid-year network check. A mid-year network check enables to understand the people with whom we got connected It is necessary to sustain the investment which has been made.

7. Acquire new tech skills. Technology cannot be ignored in the tech savvy world. It is pivotal to learn how to better use technology to support all aspects of the job search. The down-time around the holidays is great for coming up to speed on new technology applications or skills that need to be strengthened

8.Take stock of your accomplishments. At the end of the year, a personal performance review should be done. Be realistic in what have done and not done towards moving towards the resolutions. Often failure along the way brings the biggest learning.

 “Learn from the past mistakes and march to victory while taking afresh guard in the month of January.”

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