Eat At 3 Pm To Lose Weight

Eat at 3
Believe it or not! A new study has found that people lose 25 percent weight if they have lunch after 3 pm. a new study has found. Researchers came to the conclusion following 420 Spanish people in a weight-loss program.

The study, however, doesn’t mean that you should eat earlier-in fact, you might want to do the opposite.

The Spanish are popularly known for making a late lunch the biggest meal of the day, so the study’s authors couldn’t say that the findings would apply in the US or any other countries.

The research also found that when you eat-not what you eat-can turn on your body’s fat-fighting genes.

Until Mr. Thomas Edison lit our evenings, we rose with the sun, worked, ate, played, and slept. That’s what your hormonal cycle is designed for. Now, our schedules are more like eat-work-eat-work-eat-sleep.

According to research from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, the average American eats 3.5 times per day, -and that’s only counting meals of at least 70 calories or more, not the handful of chips you grab between commercial breaks.

In other words, our modern schedule has thrown our bodies’ clocks completely out of whack-and along with it, our metabolism.
The result – it’s easy to get caught in a fat cycle, a constant flow of hunger hormones that makes you prone to cravings.

New research from the Salk Institute and other experts suggests that by confining your eating period to 8 hours a day, you can stop the fat cycle and spark your body’s natural flab-burning mechanisms.

That could mean skipping breakfast, but eating what you want for lunch and dinner. Or skipping dinner, and having a grand slam breakfast and lunch.

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