E-Cigarette Can Kill Your Lung Cells

E-cigarettes are generally considered less harmful but a team of US researchers has found that e-cigarettes are toxic and can directly attack lung cells and can also, weaken the immune system and boosting bacterial virulence.

Senior author Laura E. Crotty Alexander, staff physician at the Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System said, the study shows that e-cigarette vapour can directly kill lung cells which is frightening.
He added that inhaling heated chemicals, including the e-liquid ingredients nicotine and propylene glycol, could not possibly be good. Moreover inhalation of e-cigarette vapour daily leads to changes in the inflammatory milieu inside the airways.

Alexander’s team saw their findings hold up in mice. Inflammatory markers in the airways and blood of mice that inhaled e-cigarette vapours for one hour a day, five days a week, for four weeks were elevated by 10 percent compared to unexposed mice.

Conversely, the study also showed that bacterial pathogens exposed to e-cigarette vapour benefited.

Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, which are responsible for nitrate reduction in the body, were better able to form biofilms, adhere to and invade airway cells and resist human anti-microbial peptides after exposure to e-cigarette vapour.

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