Dropbox Comes Up With Offline Folder Support For Android

Dropbox has rolled out a new feature for Android users. It’s aimed at enabling users easily access files on-the-go. Christened Dropbox Mobile offline folders,’ it allows users to work even when their smartphone is without data or Wi-Fi connectivity.
Dropbox said, that mobile offline folders not only help minimize downtime during commutes and travelling days, they also make it easier for admins to communicate with the entire team. Now, everyone in the office and in the field can stay on the same page and know they’re working with the latest documents. The Mobile offline folders feature will go live for latest version of the Android app within the next few days. The company also mentioned that the feature will launch for iOS devices early next year.
The new Mobile offline folders functionality is only available for Dropbox Pro, Business, and Enterprise customers. Users can tag an entire folder to automatically sync contents to their mobile devices instead of marking individual files. However, an internet connection will be required first to download the files before they can be accessed offline.
Back in September this year, the cloud-based data storage company said that user IDs and passwords of some 68 million clients were stolen four years ago and recently leaked onto the internet.
The company said it had no indication that any of its user accounts were improperly entered, and that it had notified the users and made them reset their passwords.
Dropbox believes the credentials were taken in 2012. After learning of the issue, the company announced, “We then emailed all users we believed were affected and completed a password reset for anyone who hadn’t updated their passwords since mid-2012.”

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