Drones Fly 77 deliveries For Customers In The US

US drone delivery service Flirtey has announced that its self-piloting flying machines have whisked flu medicine, hot food and more from 7-Eleven convenience stores to customers’ homes.
The Nevada-based company boasted of being the first drone service to complete regular commercial deliveries to residences in this country, having completed 77 such autonomous missions. Flirtey said it made 77 drone deliveries to homes of select customers on weekends in November, filling orders placed using a special application. Ordered items, including food and over-the-counter medicine, were packed into special containers and flow by drones that used GPS capabilities to find addresses, according to Flirtey.
Drones hovered in the air and lowered packages to the ground, on average getting items to customers within 10 minutes.
Popular items ordered included hot food, cold drinks, and medicine for headaches or flu. Flirtey and 7-Eleven planned to expand the drone delivery service in the coming year. Amazon earlier this month said it completed its first delivery by drone, in what the global online retail giant hopes will become a trend in automated shipments by air.

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