Do You Snore?

Snoring is seen more of a bedtime annoyance for people sleeping together, but little do they know that snoring could be a sign of an underlying health issue called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). It is one of the most under diagnosed sleep disorders and is more like a silent epidemic. Very few know about the condition and fewer seek treatment.
So how do you know if you are suffering from OSA? Doctors say that if you snore, feel excessively sleepy during daytime, if you wake up with morning headaches, if you have trouble in concentrating, if you have frequent awakenings and you are obese, you are most likely suffering from OSA.
People suffering from OSA are said to be thrice more likely to die prematurely. Accidents and other injuries associated with poor quality sleep makes OSA even more critical.
If your doctor suspects sleep apnea, he will check your nose, throat, height, weight, BMI, neck circumference. Adults with this disorder have enlarged uvula or soft palate; uvula is the tissue that hangs from the back of your mouth and soft palate is the soft skin in the back of your throat. They also have a large tongue due to increased fat deposition. Kids suffering from sleep apnea may have enlarged tonsils

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