Delta Airlines Allows You To Track Your Luggage

The wait has come to an end as the Delta Airlines has finally rolled out a promised update to its app that pairs it with the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags that the company started using in April. The company says, that it will replace the barcode method of tracking bags at 84 airports.
.The big dealing with this technology has shown 99.9 percent accuracy in terms of baggage making it to the correct destination. And there are other stop-gaps to ensure this accuracy.
Belt-loaders across those 84 airports will use a red light/green light system to identify bags that are on the wrong belt. Additionally, when sensors indicate a bag is heading where it shouldn’t, the belt will shut down and enable agents to locate and redirect that bag.
And part of the new tracking service’s functionality will allow travelers to use the Delta app to track their bags’ journey on a map, in an effort to give travelers peace of mind. Previous iterations of the app had a text-based tracking app, but this update gives travelers the ability to physically see the location of their baggage at the airport level.
Later this year, the app will even include push notifications.
It’s a welcome innovation for an airline that is sometimes derided online with the quip, Delta stands for ‘Don’t expect luggage to arrive. It’s only a matter of time before flyers start live-tweeting the exact whereabouts of their luggage.

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