CRM, Pioneers In Steel Re-Rolling Industry

Calcutta Rolling Mills
Calcutta Rolling Mills (CRM) has been the pioneers in the steel Re-rolling industry for several decades. Based in Kolkata, India it is the leading manufacturer of structural steel products marketed under the brand name “CRM”.

CRM products include structural steel products like Angles, Channels, Beams, Flats,, Rounds, Doors, & Windows, Profiles, Fabricated and Galvanized Telecom Transmission tower components, Fabricated steel products as per drawings and various other intricate sections. The products are also designed based on the demand of consumers. The company being ISO 9000:2001 approved with ISI affiliation strictly adhere to BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) or any other standards as per demand. It is also RDSO (Indian Railways) Approved, Power Grid Approved Vendors, DGS&D (RC) Suppliers, Ministry Of Defense, ISI Approved and many other agencies. The manufacturing facilities are equipped with state of the art in-house testing facilities which are capable of deep chemical and physical analysis of the materials they process.

The core competency of these products is that they are scarcely available with the main steel plants providing an edge to crm. The major market for such products includes Indian Railways, State Electricity Boards, Telecom Industries, And Infrastructural Development Authorities. Apart from such large buyer segment the group is involved in Exporting Its Products to Overseas Markets inspite of the global recessionary period. The group under the dynamic leadership of Mr Prem Gupta has been growing aggressively over time with massive future diversification and expansion plans.

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