Cortana To Aid Refrigerators In Food Management

Microsoft and large equipment manufacturer Liebherr are collaborating on a new generation of smart refrigerators that would help in shopping and planning meals with intelligent food management.

As part of the Liebherr household appliances division’s digital initiative, the duo would develop SmartDeviceBo a communication module which fits into refrigerators and freezers — connecting them to the internet.

The system, which would utilise the same machine learning technology used in Microsoft’s artificial intelligence assistant Cortana, is designed to have a long lifecycle.
With this technology , modular units can be integrated and upgraded at any time in existing SmartDevice-ready appliances to create value and comfort for customers through new digital features and solutions.
With the refrigerators, stored groceries can be monitored using internal cameras and object recognition technology. It can capture images for viewing and also recognise individual food items inside the refrigerator.
The current system is a prototype and the deep learning technology it uses is rapidly maturing.

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