Consume Fish For Healthy Heart

eat fish
A healthy heart is necessary if one wants to feel good from head to toe. Experts may offer you with numerous suggestion, but a new study has found that a peptide originally found in fish could play a key role in keeping heart ailments at bay.

David Lambert, a researcher from University of Leicester’s Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, says, if one consumes fish in improves his/her chances of survival after a heart attack.

He further said that Urotensin II (UII), a peptide first isolated from ray-finned teleost fish, activates a G protein-coupled receptor called UT to modulate a number of signalling pathways, which even includes intracellular Calcium.

The researchers, interestingly, revealed that the peptide can constrict some blood vessels yet dilate others.
The study has further highlighted that UII can modulate a vast array of biologic activities encompassing the central nervous system, kidney, as well as cardiovascular system.

It may be noted that since a long time, researchers were working on this exciting peptide Urotensin II, and it showcases a very interesting pharmacological profile.

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