Comcast Discontinues AnyPlay In-Home IPTV Device

xfinity anyplay
Comcast is discontinuing the AnyPlay service and nudging customers towards other options like Xfinity TV Go and other new features it will roll out later this year. AnyPlay had the advantage of directly supporting all the channels, but the downside of requiring additional hardware. It also looks like the leased Motorola Televation boxes that did the TV-to-IPTV magic will be going back soon, as the mobile apps will disappear from stores after March 31st.

The company plans to launch a new Xfinity TV app that brings full live TV, video on-demand and DVR access on phones and tablets. The device is being tested in Boston this month and is scheduled to roll out this year. It’s all part of the new X1 / X2 TV platform which brings more apps to the TV and turns mobile devices into virtual TV sets. Comcast is also testing out gateway devices from Arris that, like AnyPlay, don’t connect directly to a TV, but will push video throughout the home to TVs and mobile devices alike. Back in 2012 the company rolled out AnyPlay, a headless cable box that turned its live TV channels into internet streams users could watch on iOS or Android devices inside the home. Now in 2014

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