Clothes That Would Grow With You

Japanese designer Yuima Nakazato has claimed that he had cracked a digital technique that could revolutionise fashion with made-to-measure clothes. He said, that he has designed every type and shape of garment to be a precise fit to the wearer’s figure.The 31-year-old wunderkind has been working for six months on a new 3D technique using cotton, nylon and wool. He said that in future clothes would be infinitely adaptable and will grow with the person thus expanding with the wearer’s waistline -and able to incorporate wearable devices.

Tailor-made clothes, particularly haute couture, are out of reach of all but the world’s richest people. But Nakazato argued his technology would change that. Mass customisation is possible because my team has removed the major constraint of using needles and thread, Nakazato said, explaining his unit constructed textile technique.

Nakazato said the nine designs he showed in Paris were built with digitally-cut squares of fabric. Rather than a fitting, the wearer is first scanned before numbered squares of digitally cut fabrics are riveted together to form a perfectly fitting piece. Nakazato said the breakthrough was finding a way to use fabrics like cotton, nylons and wool which are difficult to control in digital fabrication.

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