Cisco Offers New Video Conferencing Solution To India

Cisco Video Conferencing
Networking giant Cisco will start shipping its new video conferencing solution to India and other parts of the world which offers high quality connectivity and at lower cost of ownership, especially to small and medium sized firms,
The SX10 is a video conferencing all-in-one unit, which can be used with any flat panel display to convert the television into a telepresence unit.

The product was announced last week and we will start shipping soon and in the next few months. It will be available globally, including India.

The device is expected to be available for about $2,000 through different partners of Cisco. Typically, an enterprise (depending on the size and scale) has to invest about 40-50% more on telepresence hardware and solutions.

Sources said, SX10 would be helpful to SMBs, who work across locations, including remote ones and have been staying away from telepresence because of fears of exorbitant costs. It can be easily connected and there is no requirement of specialised IT guys to set up telepresence using this solution.

The solution will help customers with mobile workers and teleworkers, especially in sectors like financial services, education and telemedicine. The solution also has Cisco’s proprietary Intelligent Proximity feature, which allows using iPhones and Android smartphones as a remote to control the SX10 solution.

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