Christmas: Is It The Time To Say Good Bye!

GoodbyeIf you are informed by your friend about her break up, then blame it on season. If you’re about to get dumped, rest assured, you’re not alone. Fewer couples will be kissing under the mistletoe this week as breakup season brings a blizzard of splits just before Christmas. The season, perhaps the most wonderful time of the year has also the dubious distinction of being referred to season of break ups.

The anecdotal evidence of “seasonal breakup disorder” dates back to Sodom and Gomorrah, but more recently, data analyst David McCandless trolled 10,000 Facebook status updates in 2010 and discovered that more couples break up in the two weeks before Christmas than any other time of year. — that online mistletoe — says its peak surfing season starts on Dec. 25, just as the breakups of breakup season are sinking in

Hollywood isn’t immune to this holiday havoc. Madonna and boy-toy Brahim Zaibat confirmed their breakup this month, and Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel just moved to that lonely place called Splitsville.

New York’s relationship coaches say they’re busier than ever, consoling broken-hearted clients who couldn’t weather the 12 days of Christmas.

What’s the reason?

Experts say, stress levels skyrocket this time of year, with so many presents to buy, and so many pair-oriented parties to attend, which strains relationships that may already be struggling. Studies show that stress decreases sex drive and impair the ability to control emotions, brewing a perfect storm of relationship peril.

Dr. Michelle Golland, a clinical psychologist says, the promise of a fresh start urges folks to dump those lovers that don’t really do it for them and start fresh.people take this opportunity to end it, because the idea of spending another holiday unhappy is intolerable,”. “Picture sitting at Christmas dinner with your parents faking it, when all you can think is, ‘I want out of this relationship.’ Some people just can’t take it anymore.”

“Are you still blaming yourself for the break up, it’s just the season, dear.”

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