Chipotle Has A New Show On Snapchat

Chipotle is looking to Snapchat for redemption as it struggles to escape the shadow left by a wave of food poisoning outbreaks that sickened hundreds of customers and shut down dozens of stores.
The burrito chain has launched a weekly Snapchat-exclusive video series aimed at the platform’s abundant millennial users.
The show, entitled School of Guac, is just the latest scheme in a months-long comeback marketing blitz shaped by Chipotle’s persistent penchant for non-traditional advertising tactics.
Hosted by upstart performer Lorena Russi, the program is meant to be a cross between a variety show and a news satire format in the vein of The Daily Show.
Russi directs the show’s flow from a late night host’s desk, dishing on mostly food-related news and periodically cutting to on-the-ground segments.
To add, Jeyanayagam cites such millennial favorites as Key and Peele, John Oliver’s Last Week Tonightand The Late, Late Show with James Corden as influences. He says the brand isn’t afraid to get slightly edgy around topical material if it makes for a more entertaining spectacle.
The platform’s ephemeral nature, each episode is only available for 24 hours every Tuesday, means there’s less risk in trial-and-error.
That approach may be complicated, however, by Snapchat’s insistence on reserving its viewership measurement tools for brands that buy ads on the service.
Chipotle says it’s using third-party metrics firm Delmondo instead — but such data is said to be imperfect.
According to the most recent data from brand analysis firm yougov, the chain’s revival stalled over the summer, despite wide coverage of the film and a new loyalty rewards program.
A company spokesperson wouldn’t comment on the significance of the agency review.

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