Chinese chipmakers hopeful for the future

Taiwan’s Morris Chang, the founder of the world’s largest contract chipmaker has sounded upbeat about the global semiconductor outlook for 2015 and has anticipated that his firm could play a helpful role as China develops its own chip industry.

It may be noted that China wants to champion its own semiconductor industry and catch up with more advanced rivals like Taiwan.

Taiwan allows for restricted investments by its semiconductor industry into the mainland, but requires its most sophisticated technology to develop outside of China.

Chang referred to new applications for semiconductors and economic growth in the United States, China, Japan and Taiwan as reasons to be optimistic on the chip industry next year. He, however, did not give specifics.

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding founder and executive chairman Jack Ma, said he wanted to see more Taiwanese goods sold in the mainland and more Taiwanese entrepreneurs in China.

Ma said, he hope that Alibaba can play a productive role in bringing more Taiwanese young people to the mainland to learn and discover.

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