CCTV In Classrooms Makes UK Teachers Uncomfortable

The teachers in UK are feeling uncomfortable over the Close circuit installed in their classrooms. Around 7,500 teachers across UK have voiced their concern, saying how they feel like “lab rats” as the surveillance cameras being openly misused by senior management in schools.

A survey by Britain’s largest teachers’ union NASUWT has found that 89% of the teachers said they could not switch it off and 88% said that it was constantly recording their lessons. Over half (55%) said head teachers viewed the footage and 41% said it was being used to find evidence to form negative views about staff.

The survey has confirmed that CCTV cameras introduced in schools as a safety measure for staff and pupils are being used to spy on teachers. While teachers said that they acknowledged CCTV could enhance pupil and staff safety, a third of teachers felt that CCTV in schools was an invasion of their professional privacy and over a quarter said they felt it does not contribute to teaching and learning.

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