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Samsung Is Coming Up With A 17-Lens 360-Camera For VR

Samsung may now have the VR camera to beat.The company just unveiled a new 17-lens 360-degree camera for VR that can live-stream in 4K. Called the 360 Round, it will be available in the U.S. later this month. Samsung hasn’t yet revealed how much the beast of a camera will cost, but we’re pretty sure

Baidu Aims To Come Up With Driverless Cars by 2021

In a latest development, Chinese search giant Baidu has some bold new targets for its self-driving auto plans. The company’s CEO Robin Li recently outlined company’s self-driving vehicle goals for the next few years onstage touting a plan to roll out driverless busses in China next year, semi-autonomous vehicles by 2019, and fully autonomous cars

Dubai police To Ride Hoverbikes From Star Wars

The Dubai police, which already has luxury patrol cars, self-driving pursuit drones, and a robot officer, just announced it will soon have officers buzzing around on hoverbikes, which look like an early version of the speeder bikes used by the scout troopers on Endor in Return of the Jedi. The force unveiled its new Hoversurf

BlackBerry’s Next Phone Seems To Counter Trends With Enormous Bezel

BlackBerry is preparing to launch a new mid-range phone, and It’s called the BlackBerry Motion, that is lower bezel huge. The phone (originally codenamed Krypton) is rumored to be a mid-ranger, with a Snapdragon 625 or 626 CPU, 4GB of RAM, a full HD display, IP67 water- and dust-resistance, a fingerprint sensor built into the

Airbus Plans To Have Self-Flying Taxis By 2023

Airbus plans to put a self-flying electric vehicle in the sky next year, with the aim of eventually launching a an automated flying taxi service. The aviation company announced it has successfully tested the propulsion system for its multi-passenger, electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) craft, CityAirbus. The test was the first step in the

Google Unveils Home Mini

Google has announced a brand new tiny smart speaker called Google Home Mini at a special media event in San Francisco.The mini smart speaker retails for $49 (the same price as Amazon’s Echo Dot), and it can be hooked up to any traditional speaker system to add an artificially intelligent assistant. The Google Home Mini

WhatsApp Users Might Soon Get Apple iOS-Like Emojis

Facebook-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp has released a beta version of a new emoji set for Android OS that appears quite similar to Apple’s designs. Apart from Apple, Facebook and Twitter have their own custom emoji set within the app. WhatsApp was first to implement the middle finger emoji and briefly added an emoji for

Elon Musk Aims To Build The Biggest Battery In The World

After announcing his goal to get to Mars by 2022 at the International Astronautical Conference in Adelaide, Australia, the Tesla founder headed three hours into the South Australian countryside to launch the building of the world’s largest lithium-ion battery installation and he’s about half done. Attempting to alleviate some of the state’s severe energy issues,

Comcast Coming Up With Live TV Streaming Service For Cord-Cutters

In a latest development, Comcast is launching yet another video streaming service for you to consider purchasing. The cable giant has announced that it’s launching Xfinity Instant TV, what is essentially a bundle of local broadcast networks, for $18 per month. The service will only be available to Comcast broadband subscribers. The company said the

Sony Aiming For More Competition In VR To Build Audience

Sony Corp’s gaming chief has said that the virtual reality gaming market needs more competition to drive adoption of the technology and spur software development, adding the sheer size of Sony’s lead over rivals is cause for discomfort. Sony’s VR headset has built a dominant position in the nascent market since going on sale last

Google Adds A New Video Feature To Google Maps

In a latest development, Google has added a new video feature to accompany its mapping service. Now, when the users search a destination, users will be able to find video footage of the location in the section of the map where you usually see user-submitted photos. Right now, only Local Guides, designated users who contribute