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Medical Drones Could Replace Ambulances At Saving Lives

Usually when someone suffers from cardiac arrest, it’s like a time bomb starts ticking. The best way to increase survival rate is to get someone a defibrillator-and fast. Ambulances have to deal with red lights. Dronescan fly. So some Swedish researchers ran some timed trials to see whether drones really could beat ambulances at the

Soon Vahana At Your Service

Days are not far away, hailing a flying taxi will someday be as easy as pulling out your phone and pressing a button. That’s the future presented by a number of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft projects, and major transportation movers and shakers, most notably Uber and its partners, have outlined plans to take

Microsoft Makes The Surface Pro Perfect

In a latest development, Microsoft’s update to the popular and admittedly excellent Surface Pro 4 is called, simply, the Surface Pro. There is no Pro 5. It’s so similar that one can rely primarily on touch to tell the difference. There’s the slight curve along the previously flat, magnesium shell’s outer edge, the slightly narrowed

Amazon Finally Updates Echo

When Amazon introduced voice calling and messaging for its smart speaker Echo in May, users were quick to point out that it was missing one key feature, blocking. Now Amazon is finally addressing those concerns. In the latest update to the Alexa app, the company finally added a way to block contacts from calling and

Oculus Putting Free VR System In Over a Hundred California Libraries

Oculus is making an attempt for making high-end virtual reality to the public. Oculus is doing it in California with an initiative that will place 100 Oculus Rift headsets and VR-ready PC systems in 90 libraries throughout the state. Making high-end VR available through local libraries isn’t just a brilliant bit of marketing by Oculus,

WhatsApp Adds New Feature

WhatsApp is amping up its photo sharing and messaging abilities for iPhone users.The Facebook-owned chat platform just dropped a new update and included in the release are new Albums and Filters features for photo sharing, and a new quick reply function. WhatsApp has a variety of ways for users to share photos and videos, including

Amazon Prime Video To Soon Come On Apple TV, TV App

Apple has announced that Amazon is joining the Apple TV app and will appear on Apple TV later this year with Prime Video. In announcing the update, Apple CEO Tim Cook even took some time to promote Amazon original shows like Transparent. The pairing makes sense, but is nevertheless a surprise given the increasing competition

Self-driving cars Likely To Create A $7 Trillion Economy: Study

The race to create self-driving cars is on and that could lead to a passenger economy worth $7 trillion by 2050. According to a new report by Intel and analyst firm Strategy Analytics self-driving cars will free up 250 million hours of commuting time per year, providing the backbone for a thriving $800 billion industry

Apple Working On Exclusive AI Processor: Sources

Apple Inc. is working on a dedicated chip that will power artificial intelligence on its iPhone, iPad and eventually other products as well. The processor dubbed as Apple Neural Engine will back facial and speech recognition processes on Apple devices. Apple currently uses two processors in their devices, a main processor and a motion co-processor

Essential smartphone To Be Launched By Android Founder Andy Rubin On May 30

The most-waited iPhone-rival that Android co-founder Andy Rubin had teased more than a month back may finally be releasing at the end of this month. Rubin tweeted that he is finally ready to showcase what he has been up to all this while and urged followers to follow the new Twitter handle of @Essential. Earlier

Android is Adding Fresh Features To Cars

A year after Google teased the experience, Android-powered car infotainment systems are much closer to reality. Full Android integration is a step beyond Android Auto, where users can project car-specific versions of apps to a dashboard running some other software; now Android powers the entire system. The first two car makers to show off Android-powered