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Mercedes-Benz Adds New Features

Mercedes-Benz is giving drivers an even smarter luxury experience and adding some AI assistant power to its newest vehicles. All Mercedes-Benz models from 2016 and 2017 are now compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, taking the smart home experience out on the road. The AI assistants will allow drivers to do things like

Scientists Develop Wearable Sensor To Examine Diseases From Sweat

In a latest development, Stanford scientists have developed a new wristband-type wearable device that can analyze sweat to diagnose and monitor diseases like diabetes and cystic fibrosis. The new sensor collects sweat, measures its molecular constituents, such as chloride ions and glucose and then transmits the results for analysis and diagnostics. Unlike old-fashioned sweat collectors,

Facebook Messenger’s New Feature Helps Friends to Exchange Money

Facebook Messenger just made it easier to send friends money. The app now allows users to exchange money within group messages. The feature is live now on desktop and Messenger’s Android app and will roll out to iOS soon. Though Messenger has allowed payments since 2015, the feature has existed only in one-to-one conversations, not

Next Generation Google To Control Your Home

It’s barely been five months since Google Home arrived to take over homes and there are already whispers of version 2.0. The search giant is working on an upgraded version of Home that’ll also double as a Wi-Fi router and mesh network. To put it in simpler terms, the next-gen Google Home could be half

WhatsApp To Be Soon Used For Making Payments

WhatsApp is India’s most popular instant messaging app, and they’re introducing person-to-person payment solutions in the country. The company is in talks with the government to add support for UPI, a new payment system by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). UPI is open to third-party services, making payments is as fast and easy

The new iPhone Display Would Be Soothing For Your Eyes

One of the most prevalent rumors about the upcoming iPhone 8 is a switch from LCD to an edge-to-edge OLED display but that might not be the only new addition that could make the colors on the next-gen phones stand out more than current models. The new iPhones expected to come later this year along

Robots To Work In Government Services In Dubai

Dubai will soon be introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its government sectors. A new Artificial Intelligence (AI) smart lab will soon begin training government officials to implement AI in a wide variety of tasks that will make lives easier. The lab, launched during a workshop by the Smart Dubai Office (SDO) and Smart Dubai Government

Facebook Messenger Helps You To Find Your Friends

A new location-sharing feature called live location allows you to share your real-time location inside of a chat for an hour at a time. While Messenger has long included location-sharing, the feature previously only allowed you to share a static point on a map. Useful if you’re staying in one spot, but less so if

Google Maps To Help You Find Your Parked Cars

It is very easy to forget where you parked your car, especially on a city street or in a huge mall parking lot, but Google Maps is here to save the day. The latest beta version of Google Maps for Android (sorry iOS users!) has a few features that’ll remind you where you parked your

Micromax to Unveil 4G-Enabled Feature Phone Soon

Indian handset maker Micromax is aiming to sell 5-6 million units of its upcoming Bharat 1 VoLTE feature phone and Bharat 2 VoLTE smartphone in India over the next 5 to 6 months, which will help it enhance its overall market share and better compete with Chinese and domestic handset makers. While Bharat 2 is

Brace Up To Dislike Your Friends’ Comments On Facebook Messenger

Facebook is testing a feature that would let users post reactions to private messages, similar to the way users can hover over the like button to choose a reaction on any public Facebook post. Facebook Reactions include the love, haha, wow, sad and angry options. The version spotted in Messenger includes those, and a thumbs