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Robots To Work In Government Services In Dubai

Dubai will soon be introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its government sectors. A new Artificial Intelligence (AI) smart lab will soon begin training government officials to implement AI in a wide variety of tasks that will make lives easier. The lab, launched during a workshop by the Smart Dubai Office (SDO) and Smart Dubai Government

Facebook Messenger Helps You To Find Your Friends

A new location-sharing feature called live location allows you to share your real-time location inside of a chat for an hour at a time. While Messenger has long included location-sharing, the feature previously only allowed you to share a static point on a map. Useful if you’re staying in one spot, but less so if

Google Maps To Help You Find Your Parked Cars

It is very easy to forget where you parked your car, especially on a city street or in a huge mall parking lot, but Google Maps is here to save the day. The latest beta version of Google Maps for Android (sorry iOS users!) has a few features that’ll remind you where you parked your

Micromax to Unveil 4G-Enabled Feature Phone Soon

Indian handset maker Micromax is aiming to sell 5-6 million units of its upcoming Bharat 1 VoLTE feature phone and Bharat 2 VoLTE smartphone in India over the next 5 to 6 months, which will help it enhance its overall market share and better compete with Chinese and domestic handset makers. While Bharat 2 is

Brace Up To Dislike Your Friends’ Comments On Facebook Messenger

Facebook is testing a feature that would let users post reactions to private messages, similar to the way users can hover over the like button to choose a reaction on any public Facebook post. Facebook Reactions include the love, haha, wow, sad and angry options. The version spotted in Messenger includes those, and a thumbs

Now Robots To Run Your Beers

Virginia has become the first state in the union to legally allow robots to use sidewalks and crosswalks just like us humans. The impetus for the new law is Starship Technologies, which is looking to use its beetle bots to deliver packages or groceries or beer or whatever else you can stuff inside. The bots

Facebook Ready To Retest Flights Of Its Solar-Powered Drone

Facebook is now ready to retest the solar-powered Aquila after the failure of the first round. Facebook Vice President of Engineering Jay Parikh said that the systems performed way better than planned. The plan is to start flying a few times a month. Facebook’s ultimate goal is to use these drones with massive wingspans to

No USB-C Port For iPhone Owners

Apple likes to rip the band-aid off cleanly. No half measures, just a sharp and briefly painful leap to the next thing. That’s how it was with the dearly departed 3.5 mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and that’s probably how it will be for the iPhone’s lightning port, which, if the rumors are

More Cars To Be Fitted With Wireless Apple CarPlay

Apple’s CarPlay in-vehicle infotainment system has been around since 2014 and since then, it’s been tethered to car dashboards by a Lightning connection like any another anonymous AUX cord. It’s not for any lack of trying on Apple’s part the company announced an update for wireless CarPlay almost two years ago at the 2015 Worldwide

Google Set To Launch A Desktop Version Of Allo Messenger

Google’s Allo messenger will soon be easier to use at work, thanks to a new desktop version to complement the mobile app. The company’s VP of communications products, Nick Fox, tweeted out a sneak peek at the desktop app in development. The desktop version looks like it’ll be a web app for Google Chrome. This

Apple TV To Make Several Changes: Sources

Apple TV is soon expected to bring major changes, if sources are to be believed. Last revamped in late 2015 with beefier hardware, a refreshed tvOS interface and the Siri Remote, Apple’s set-top box has basically languished as competing set-top boxes like the Amazon Fire TV, Roku Ultra and the new NVIDIA Shield TV run