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Brace Up For Super Fast PCs

Computers may no longer be tech darlings now that everyone uses their smartphones to do basically everything, but they’re about to get really exciting again. About every two years, Intel introduces new processors that shape the computing industry and this year’s no different. Whereas the last two generations of chips were kinda like half steps

Instagram Adds More Fun To Direct Messaging

Instagram isn’t just about posting selfies or artsy photos. The Facebook-owned app has been building out its direct messaging capabilities, and the company just revealed a new feature that’ll help transform the app into something users will want to use all day, every day. The company recently released an update that now lets Instagram users

Motorola Comes Up With A ‘Healing’ Phone

Motorala wants to put an end to all those expensive smartphone screen repairs. The company recently applied for a patent on a phone screen that can heal its own cracks and damages. The patent, which was filed in February and awarded last week, explains how a phone screen made out of shape memory polymer could

LinkedIn Is Coming Up With Video Creation To Your Mobile App

In a latest development, LinkedIn wants to let users share as much as possible on the site. So in its latest effort the social media company is rolling out a video creation tool within its mobile app. The feature is only available for frequent contributors at the moment, but will be available to everyone else

Facebook Join Hands With Ebay

Facebook’s Craigslist-like marketplace section is getting a boost from Ebay. The social network has said that it will begin offering a selection of sales promotions from the e-commerce site’s daily deals program on the mobile version of Marketplace. Facebook users can browse the deals within Facebook’s platform, but all purchases are ultimately made in Ebay’s

YouTube App Gets New Features

Google has once again updated its YouTube app, making it easier to share videos with others and chat with them within the app itself. YouTube announced the update on a blog post on Monday. The new features are, however, for now limited to mobile devices only. As a part of the update, YouTube users will

Next-Gen Apple Watch Likely To Have Standalone Cellular Connectivity

The next generation Apple Watch might break free from the iPhone and connect directly to cellular networks, according to reports. The network access would come via new LTE modems in the devices, which sources claim will be supplied by Intel. The unnamed Apple Watch, which might be called the Series 3, is expected to launch

Facebook Might Come Up With A New Version Of Stories For Desktop

People may not be using Facebook Stories, but that isn’t stopping the social network from expanding the feature to its next platform. Facebook is now testing a version of Stories for desktop, with a wider launch coming soon. The current tests are only showing up for a small segment of Facebook users around the world

YouTube To Slain Its Video Editing Tools

If you’re working on a long editing project directly on YouTube, you now have a deadline. The Google-owned video platform announced on Friday it will shut down its built-in Video Editor feature on Sept. 20. The toolkit has been around since 2010, but has fallen on hard times. One of Google’s community managers wrote in

Google Maps To Save You From Traffic Woes

Google maps have just got better at helping you avoid traffic. Similar to Google’s popular times feature for avoiding lines, the new update for the Google Maps Android app shows when there’s likely to be traffic to a specific destination. Now, when you search for directions, the app will show a small graph. A dashed

Estonia All Set To Open World’s First Virtual Data Embassy

Estonia has taken yet another step forward in global technology, as the small Baltic state is set to open the world’s first data embassy in Luxembourg early next year. The heavily protected server room will contain important Estonian e-government data, so that the NATO and eurozone member can access it even when systems are down