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Google Automatically Deletes Your Android Backup After Two Months Of Inactivity

Google Drive plays a very crucial role when it comes to backing up all the data on our Android devices. At the time of switching an Android device, most users usually use the Drive to store all their data such as contacts, photos, messages and more. However, a report claims that Google automatically deletes the

Google Feed Is Available Across The Globe

Google Feed, a feature that brings news depending on your search history and other online habits, right there in Google’s search app, is now available internationally. The feature originally launched in the U.S. in July, but users around the globe will now see it as well, provided they have an Android phone. It should arrive

Live Streaming Becomes Faster in YouTube

Streaming videos may often look like they’re happening in real time, but technological challenges typically prevent those streams from broadcasting that quickly, resulting in a seconds-long delay. YouTube now has a solution that cuts down that delay, known as “latency,” to just a couple seconds. YouTube live-streamers can now choose a new ultra-low latency setting

Google Home Is A Voice-Controlled Telephone

Google has announced hands-free calling for its Google Home smart speaker back in May, and now the feature is finally rolling out to users in the U.S. and Canada. With a simple OK Google, call… voice command, you can immediately phone millions of businesses and personal contacts for free over Wi-Fi. If you’re still clinging

WhatsApp Unveils With New Features

das WhatsApp is adding a brand new feature in its latest update, the ability to share any file type. WhatsApp previously supported only documents, photos, and videos, but now users can share any file up to 100 MB. This new update could prove to be incredibly useful for people who want to share executable or

Microsoft Makes The Surface Pro Perfect

In a latest development, Microsoft’s update to the popular and admittedly excellent Surface Pro 4 is called, simply, the Surface Pro. There is no Pro 5. It’s so similar that one can rely primarily on touch to tell the difference. There’s the slight curve along the previously flat, magnesium shell’s outer edge, the slightly narrowed

Now, Facebook On TV

Facebook video is available on bigger screens. The social network now allows you to stream video from your smartphone to your television using Apple TV or Chromecast, The functionality is available now for iPhone users and coming “soon” to Android. The feature works for all of Facebook’s video, including its live videos. The company notes

Britain to Test Driverless Cars From 2017

In a recent development, Britain said it will begin testing driverless cars on motorways for the first time in 2017, as it moves towards its goal of allowing autonomous cars to take to the streets by 2020. The government said last year there was no legal barriers to the technology being tested and gave the

Google Life Sciences Division Is Now Verily

In a new development, Alphabet Inc., the newly founded parent company of Google, just added a new name to its portfoli Verily. It is to be noted that this Google[x] spinoff used to be the experimental lab’s life sciences division. Now, it’s Alphabet’s first new company and a creative use of the letter “V.” The

Twitter Not TO Trademark ‘Tweet’

In a latest development, Twitter is filing a trademark claim on subtweet. It is a term used for the act of tweeting about someone without explicitly naming them. If enforced, any commercial use of subtweet would be prohibited without Twitter’s permission. Twitter recently also included “sub tweet” with a space in the middle in the

Now, YouTube Music For Android, iOS Devices

YouTube has entered the increasingly crowded field of music streaming with a hope to reach a new audience through a user-friendly service that seizes on the video giant’s vast variety. Christened as YouTube Music, the platform will offer songs both with and without video, and users will be able to switch instantly to an audio-only