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Now, Facebook On TV

Facebook video is available on bigger screens. The social network now allows you to stream video from your smartphone to your television using Apple TV or Chromecast, The functionality is available now for iPhone users and coming “soon” to Android. The feature works for all of Facebook’s video, including its live videos. The company notes

Britain to Test Driverless Cars From 2017

In a recent development, Britain said it will begin testing driverless cars on motorways for the first time in 2017, as it moves towards its goal of allowing autonomous cars to take to the streets by 2020. The government said last year there was no legal barriers to the technology being tested and gave the

Google Life Sciences Division Is Now Verily

In a new development, Alphabet Inc., the newly founded parent company of Google, just added a new name to its portfoli Verily. It is to be noted that this Google[x] spinoff used to be the experimental lab’s life sciences division. Now, it’s Alphabet’s first new company and a creative use of the letter “V.” The

Twitter Not TO Trademark ‘Tweet’

In a latest development, Twitter is filing a trademark claim on subtweet. It is a term used for the act of tweeting about someone without explicitly naming them. If enforced, any commercial use of subtweet would be prohibited without Twitter’s permission. Twitter recently also included “sub tweet” with a space in the middle in the

Now, YouTube Music For Android, iOS Devices

YouTube has entered the increasingly crowded field of music streaming with a hope to reach a new audience through a user-friendly service that seizes on the video giant’s vast variety. Christened as YouTube Music, the platform will offer songs both with and without video, and users will be able to switch instantly to an audio-only

Meet Microsoft’s New Fitness Tracker, Band 2

In a latest development, Microsoft Corp has unveiled a new version of its wearable fitness tracker, Microsoft Band that will run on Windows 10, its latest operating system. The new Microsoft Band that allows users to monitor their fitness and exercise regime will be priced at $249 when it becomes available on October 30. Unlike

You May Know When You’re Going To Die

Believe it or not! A super computer developed in the US can predict the likelihood of a person’s death with almost 100 per cent accuracy. The machine, installed at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre, draws on the data of more than 250,000 people collected over a period of 30 years to make speedy diagnoses.

Drone Market to Double By 2024: Experts

Experts say, the market for military drones is expected to almost double by 2024 and is likely to reach beyond $10 billion. The conclusion has been arrived based on the report published by specialist defence publication IHS Jane’s Intelligence Review. The global defence and security market for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) will expand at 5.5

Amazon Rolls Out New Services For Cloud

In a fresh development, Inc’s cloud business, Amazon Web Services, has launched a service to help companies analyse their data and a briefcase-like product that will enable them to ship large amounts of data for storage on the cloud. The company said the data analytics service, called QuickSight, is fast and easy to use

Facebook Still Popular: Survey

Good news for Facebook addicts. Despite threats from mobile messaging services, the social networking site is not going lost into oblivion. A survey has found, the site still remains the most popular social network among teenagers of 13 to 17 years, Though sites as Instagram and Snapchat increasingly appeal to teenagers, Facebook is still a

Now, Retweet Unlimited On Twitter

Finally. Twitter has launched its retweet with comment feature that would allow users to feature other tweets in their own posts without using up any of their 140 characters. How it works? It is used by clicking on the retweet button, and choosing the quote tweet option from the pop-up. In the next step, it