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Google Maps To Make Travelling In Buses More Convenient

Google Maps is adding a helpful new feature for commuters who tend to lose track of time during bus or train ride. It will now send a push notification when the user is approaching their destination. It’s much easier for mass transit travellers to doze off or get distracted and miss their intended stop. Now,

Apple Unveils Fresh Ads To Sells Millennials On The iPhone X

Apple has posted three new videos to its Youtube channel recently, all of which advertise features of the iPhone X. These aren’t the first ads Apple has released for the iPhone X,the device was featured in Apple’s holiday ad for Airpods, and the company released several ads for the iPhone X, the iPhone 8/8 Plus,

Nvidia Launches The Power Titan

Nvidia has announced the Titan V, the most powerful graphics processing unit (GPU) of all time. This isn’t the type of graphics card your gamer friends all bought on Black Friday, either. This is a graphics card powerful enough for use on research in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The GPU contains 21.1 billion (yes,

WhatsApp To Come Up With New Features

As businesses widely use WhatsApp to communicate with their customers, particularly in Asia, the Facebook-owned service appears all set to launch a brand new app for them. WhatsApp has revealed more details about the upcoming Business accounts like how to identify verified Business accounts from non-verified ones. A Business account with a green checkmark badge

Now Livestream Your Facebook Messenger Games

Facebook’s Messenger games were launched a year ago, and on Thursday the company announced it was rolling out new livestreaming and video chat features. Once you click a new camera icon on top of a Messenger game, you can livestream the game you’re playing to your Facebook page or profile, with the option to turn

Google Unveils Android Oreo Go For Developing Countries

Google wants to make sure everyone can access Android, even those who can’t afford fancy phones. The company has announced that Android Oreo (Go Edition) will be launching alongside Android 8.1. The new operating system is optimized for entry-level smartphones, small, often prepaid phones like the Samsung Galaxy J3, the Motorola MOTO G, or Apple’s

Amazon Prime Video Is Available On Apple TV

Amazon Prime Video is finally available on Apple TV. Apple has announced this would happen back in June, saying that the app would arrive later this year. The company kept its promise, but it was quite a long wait. Now, you can watch Amazon Prime Video on your Apple TV by simply downloading the new

Google Maps Supports Two-Wheel Vehicles In India

Google Maps will support two-wheel vehicle navigation, offering directions to better suit scooters and motorcycles. It’s starting first with India, before expanding the feature to other countries, Google announced in an event Tuesday in Delhi. And it makes sense: India is the world’s biggest two-wheeler market, where motorbikes still outsell cars by seven to one.

Fitbit’s Smartwatch Gets Its First Update

Fitbit went all-in on its new Ionic smartwatch this year. It released the gadget in October with only a few apps to its name and then proceeded to leave the brand new OS alone for almost two months without a software update. The period of inactivity has ended. The wearable company just announced the first

Self-Driving Buses Being Tested In China

A small fleet of self-driving public buses has started running on the roads of China’s tech district of Shenzhen, Guangdong. The four buses are currently on trial, and will run over three stops on a public road about 1.2 km (0.75 mi) long. But where typical self-driving bus projects involve smaller shuttle capsules, the four

Now, Facebook Messenger App For Kids

Facebook is now planning to attract the younger users.The social network has announced that it is launching a new app, Messenger Kids, which allows children to use Facebook’s messaging software, the first time the company has allowed children younger than 13 to have an official presence on any of its platforms. Think of Messenger Kids