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Essential smartphone To Be Launched By Android Founder Andy Rubin On May 30

The most-waited iPhone-rival that Android co-founder Andy Rubin had teased more than a month back may finally be releasing at the end of this month. Rubin tweeted that he is finally ready to showcase what he has been up to all this while and urged followers to follow the new Twitter handle of @Essential. Earlier

Airline to Levy $30 Fee For Bringing Baby Onboard

An Australian budget airline has started charging parents to fly with their infant on their lap. Jetstar confirmed it would begin charging a $30 fee for a child under two years old for each domestic leg that’s $60 for a return flight with your child in their worst state. It also noted it would begin

WannaCry: Officers Asked To Use Stand-Alone Computers

Amid a cyberattack globally, the Indian government has advised all those who are working in strategic and sensitive fields to use stand-alone computers sans internet to store data and critical information. The advisory has been sent to all those who handle sensitive desks in the ministries of home, finance, defence, external affairs and security agencies

Cyber-attack Could Lead To Further Disruption As Working Week Begins

Health and security chiefs have warned of possible fresh disruption from the global cyber-attack when workers switch on their computers for the first time at the start of the working week. Europol, the pan-EU crime-fighting agency, said the threat was escalating and predicted the number of ransomware victims was likely to grow across the private

Apple Watch Could Help Detect The Cause Of Heart failure

In a latest finding, the Apple Watch could be used to detect a heart condition that causes over 100,000 strokes every year. Heart health app Cardiogram and researchers from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Cardiology Health eHeart project teamed up to take a closer look at just how effective the Watch can be

Uber’s Rolls Out New Feature

In a latest development, Uber’s is now giving new ways to get to the favorite places even faster and finally saving customers from having to memorize an address ever again. The ride hailing app just introduced some new personalization options that will allow users to fine-tune the Uber app experience, giving them the option to

WhatsApp Comes Up With End-to-End Encryption To iCloud

WhatsApp has rolled out end-to-end encryption feature for all users last year. It ensures that only the sender and intended recipient can read a message, thus preventing it from being intercepted. The company has now added an extra layer of security to iCloud backup, allowing iOS users to securely backup their chats to iCloud. According

Nissan’s Comes With Safe Driving Option

Texting while driving is bad. But sometimes, after you hear that familiar buzz, the temptation is just too strong. And there you suddenly are, replying to a totally irrelevant text message while putting your life, and lives of others, in jeopardy. Nissan has an interesting solution to this problem. Called the Nissan Signal Shield, it’s

Facebook To Unveil New Feature That Will You Show You Stranger’s Post

In a latest development, Facebook is taking a page out of Twitter’s playbook by rolling out a new feature that’ll show you posts from strangers. The new feature is called latest conversations. After searching a news topic, Facebook will now display public user generated posts from users outside your own personal network, along with a

Tesla To Unveil New Line Of Body Shops

Tesla, the most valuable automaker in the U.S. said it plans to open a line of company-owned body shops for car owners in need of out-of-warranty repairs in its Q1 2017 quarterly earnings letter. The new service comes as part of an infrastructure effort to expand the density and geographic footprint of our presence in

UberEATS Launched In India

Uber has kept its promise. It has brought its food delivery service to India, its fastest-growing market in the world. UberEATS has rolled out in Mumbai and will soon be taken to five other Indian cities. India becomes UberEATS’ fourth Asian market, after it launched in Singapore last May, followed by Tokyo (Japan) and Bangkok