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McDonald’s Takes Cheeseburgers Away From Kids

On Thursday, McDonald’s announced the removal of cheeseburgers from its Happy Meals, as well as smaller french fry serving sizes and reformulated chocolate milk. The idea, allegedly, is to decrease the amount of sodium, sugar, calories, and saturated fat in meals promoted to children, but that didn’t mean the internet accepted the changes quietly. Happy

Nutella Promotion Sends French Shoppers Into Frenzy

It’s a well-known fact that Nutella is the nectar of the gods. But, a supermarket discount on this sweet, chocolatey nectar had French shoppers brawling in the aisles. Indeed, local media even went so far as to describe the scene at one supermarket as a riot. There were fisticuffs in the aisles at Intermarché supermarkets

Ford And Domino’s Join Hands For Self-Driving Pizza Deliveries

In a latest development, Dominoes and Ford are exploring this possibility on the streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan over the next several weeks. The companies have announced they’re partnering to deploy driverless cars that will deliver pizzas to randomly selected customers. The vehicles used in the project are Ford Fusion Hybrid Autonomous Cars and will

Enjoy Mangoes For Healthy Life

It’s summer and the delicious mangoes are back again. Here are some basic tips she shared to debunk major myths regarding our summer favourite food : 1, Mangoes are rich in beta- carotene: A nutrient found especially in yellow foods, beta-carotene will give you a flawless complexion. 2. Mangoes are packed with vitamin C: This

UberEATS Launched In India

Uber has kept its promise. It has brought its food delivery service to India, its fastest-growing market in the world. UberEATS has rolled out in Mumbai and will soon be taken to five other Indian cities. India becomes UberEATS’ fourth Asian market, after it launched in Singapore last May, followed by Tokyo (Japan) and Bangkok

Now Robots To Run Your Beers

Virginia has become the first state in the union to legally allow robots to use sidewalks and crosswalks just like us humans. The impetus for the new law is Starship Technologies, which is looking to use its beetle bots to deliver packages or groceries or beer or whatever else you can stuff inside. The bots

Nine Fruits To Stay Away For Diabetes

Here are the list of food that you can enjoy even on diabetes. Fruit contain carbohydrates, so you need to count it as part of your meal plan. Having a piece of fresh fruit or fruit salad for dessert is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth and get the extra nutrition you are

Uber Forays Into Food Delivery Market

Uber is making an aggressive drive into meal delivery, backed by a wave of staff recruitment, with the US tech heavyweight gearing up to enter at least 22 new countries and take on local rivals. Uber and other recruiting sites – for about 150 roles ranging from general managers and sales staff to bike couriers

Domino’s To Turn Vegetarian During Festivals in India

In a recent development, about 500 Domino’s Pizza outlets will not serve non-vegetarian products across major parts of India for nine days next month. The occasion is Navratri, which means nine nights in Sanskrit, when millions of Hindus fast and pray. During this period they strictly avoid non-vegetarian products during this period, especially in Northern

Now Just Tweet Your Pizza

Craving for a pizza? Just tweet it out to your nearest Pizza Hut store and it’ll be delivered straight to your house. Hungry social media users can now get their fix straight from their favorite social media platform. Pizza Hut is the latest restaurant chain to release a chatbot to let Facebook and Twitter users

5 Ice cream toppings For You

Here are some interesting ideas to make your ice-cream even more delectable. 1.Sprinkles Kids are sure to love bright sprinkles or jimmies that can make your ice cream look even more appealing. You can add rice crispies to this, too. 2.Jelly Dress up the chilled treat with jelly, too. This complements vanilla best. 3.Caramel There’s