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Otzi Was Making Prosciutto Over 5,000 Years Ago

A new research on Otzi the Iceman, an exquisitely preserved 5,300-year-old human found in a European glacier, shows that he ate a form of dry-cured meat known as speck-a fatty, bacon-like snack that’s still found on charcuterie boards today. In other words, prehistoric, Copper Age Europeans were eating a form of prosciutto over 5,000 years

Exercises To Stay Healthy While In Office

Must read for office goers who remain busy throughout the day and sit at one spot at a stretch every day at the cost of their health. It is very necessary for them to take out some time to exercise at your workplace every now and then A survey has shown that 57 percent of

Google, Johnson & Johnson Team Up For Robot Surgeons

The search giant is joining hands with Johnson & Johnson to build robots that would help surgeons in the operating room. The alliance announced recently dovetails with two of Google’s initiatives beyond its main business of Internet search and advertising. The company has been investing in medical research aimed at extending lives and in robotic

Ray Of Hope For People With Blinding Disease

Good news. Scientists are developing smart contact lenses embedded with miniscule mirrors that can magnify your vision by almost three times. The 1.55mm-thick lenses incorporate a thin reflective telescope made of mirrors and filters. When light enters the eye it bounces off the series of mirrors and increases the perceived view of an object or

Get Happier In 1 Minute

Everybody wants to stay happy in this fast pace life. Here are a few tips by which you can be healthier and happier in just a minute. 1. Chocolate: Just drop the guilt because chocolate in good for you. But you’ll have to limit your intake to just four squares a day. Researchers found that

Windows 10 To Arrive This Summer

Must read for Microsoft word users. The company has announced that Windows 10 would launch sometime this summer, though it has refrained from giving any exact date. Sources said, Windows 10 would be a free upgrade for current Windows 7 and 8.1 users, as well as Windows Phone 8.1 customers. The company is yet to

Tips For A Happy Week

A healthy mind is a key to a healthy body. As you begin your week, there might be several issues, which might be stressful. Here are a few tips by which you can get the most out of the week by staying energetic and happy. MONDAY: Take Cold showers A sense of laziness is bound

Microsoft Launches Office 2016 For Mac Preview

In a latest development, Microsoft has released a preview of Office 2016 for Mac, free to all users of Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite until its official release later this year. The vital factor is that the new version of Office for Mac in five years, and comes up with a lot of features Windows

Google Introduces Insurance Shopping Site

The wait is over. Google has entered into insurance shopping and would start California. The United States insurance industry had been anticipating Google’s entry into insurance shopping for the better part of a year. The search giant has announced it was introducing a United States version of its Google Compare auto insurance shopping site, which

Office Messaging Apps May Sound Death Bell For Email

Email has been on ventilator support for quite some time as the people in the tech industry have been digging a grave for email for more than a decade. Their predictions, however, have always seemed a little out of touch. Email, despite its terrible, horrible, no-good impact on our daily lives, is wonderfully ubiquitous, accessible,

South Korea Launches App To Curb Student Suicide

In wake of the rise in the cases of suicide, South Korea has developed smartphone apps to help bring down its high student suicide rate by warning parents when their children might be at risk. The government-developed apps, expected to introduce this year are programmed to detect suicide- related words used by children on social