Business As Usual For Samsung And Apple

Apple samsung
Samsung will continue to produce the A8 chips for Apple despite the two companies being involved in legal hassles.

The A8 chips are in the testing stage of production, with mass production scheduled to begin in the next quarter, if sources are to be believed. At the same time, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) will also be carrying out production in parallel to Samsung.

Last year in June, it seemed that everything was over between the two companies when it was reported that Apple has tied up with TSMC to produce its new A-series chips. The news was quickly retreated when the two companies signed a fresh agreement for supplying iPhone chips.

Contradicting reports came again in February when it was suggested that Samsung was out of the running to make the chip for Apple because it wasn’t profitable for it to produce the chips anymore.

Another report in March rebutted this and Taipei-based website TechNews has claimed TSMC will now replace to become the sole manufacturer of the A8 chips. One again though, the latest report says that Samsung will in fact continue their work on the A8, as will TSMC, with Apple procuring chips from both manufacturers.

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